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You will not be able to take veneers off because there is a thin portion of your teeth that is usually ground away in order for the veneers to adhere to your own teeth.

People who have tooth pain when they drink hot or cold beverages should make a dental appointment soon.

We can change the look of your teeth by using dental veneer material to reshape them.

We can use dental veneers to straighten mildly crooked teeth.

Taking your kids to the dentist when they are small will get them ready for a life of dental checkups.

A diet with too much sugar will not be good for your teeth or your gums because it will encourage bacteria.

You may not know that drinking a lot of hot tea or iced tea without a straw can stain your teeth dramatically.

We are a family dental office that you can bring your whole family to for their entire lives.

People love coming to our dental office because we have a very compassionate staff.

You might be surprised at how many babies have crooked teeth right from the start when they first come in.

Family dental practices are ones that can generally take care of everyone in the family.

If you have sinus problems you might have bad breath from the infection.

Seeing a cosmetic dentist for restorative dental work is a smart move if you want a better smile.

A cavity may start out small, but once it takes hold it can spread throughout the rest of a tooth.

When your son or daughter needs braces, check with our dentist to find out about Invisalign dental braces.

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